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Engagement Models

Outsourcing is a key decision that any organization will take and should result in a long standing partnership. Identifying a right partner not only requires assessing the skill levels, competency, past experience, location, etc but also to identify the right engagement model. The objective of any engagement model would be to provide a virtual team while adjusting the level of commitment, level of control, investment required (both time and money) and the cost savings generated through offshore economics to optimum levels for the business.

Since every organization we engage with have unique requirements, we customize our engagement models as per their need to optimally deliver our services. Based on our years of experience we have defined engagement models that typically fit most organizations. However, we are quite flexible to modify or adapt to any new model that is beneficial to the client. Our ultimate goal is have clients see us as a virtual team with same level of commitment and control while deriving the benefits of offshore cost advantage.

Our definition of engagement model involves two components, namely, the framework and the pricing model. Framework defines the various teams involved, their physical location of work, tools and technologies that help them collaborate, reporting mechanism and the responsibilities. Pricing model defines the different commercial options for the engagement.

We found the following three engagement frameworks to be very popular and prevalent, of course with client specific customization

Offshore Outsourcing

This engagement model is ideal for projects that involve custom application development, Software Reengineering, new development for automating a business process or migration.
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Offshore development center

This engagement model is suitable when the client is in need of dedicated development team that can work on various software projects as and when they come up.
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Blended Offshore model

This is a highly recommended model where it is a large engagement and multi-year association. In this model, a reasonable onsite team will be setup. This team can be client owned or owned by us. We can collocate our team in the clients premises.
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Pricing Model

Every project will be estimated based on requirements and fixed cost provided
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