Robotic Process Automation

We can do intelligent automation to liberate your core resources

Many organizations in the services industry typically have number of repeatable and mundane activities which are most often manually executed although there is a scope of reducing interventions. These organizations should consider Robotic Process Automation or RPA, which will give them tangible benefits such as reducing time and errors, enabling staff to work on more value adding tasks and enhance the ability to scale. Organizations are now widely cognizant of RPA techniques which reduce or completely eliminate manual interventions to achieve significant productivity gains while being cost conscious.

RPA automates process through robots which are referred to as ‘bots’. There is really no Robots involved in RPA but since it mimics the manual processes it is called so in digital environment. Bots can basically replace all the activities where people are involved. For example, bots can chat intelligently, AI bots, with the customers, they can process invoices and forwarded it through the processing workflow, automate repeated user interface tasks that users perform and so on.

Robotics Process Automation

iPowerFour has been involved in number of RPA initiatives for their clients and have helped them derive efficiencies, productivity and cost saving. For one of its customers in information publishing business iPowerFour implemented RPA to automate identifying changes in the data sources over the internet using web scrapping and semi-automated review process. It also helped them process large amount of data available on internet and move it to their repository by categorizing them in exact same way a user would do.

Our RPA solution involves intelligent automation of standardized and/or rules-driven system based activities for processing/manipulating data and triggering responses. This helps liberate your core resources from repetitive, predictable and manual-intensive processes and enables them to focus on business-critical functions.

We have evolved a systematic approach to undertake RPA. Eventually we either use off the shelf RPA tools such as Blue Prism, UI Path, Automation Anywhere, etc., or if required build custom automation.