Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are continuously evolving to change the way people seek information, do business, communicate with people, etc. One of the most noticeable change has been the invent of smartphones and the kinds of things people can do with it today. Mobile applications are becoming increasingly popular ranging from doing simple tasks such as tracking ones calories to complex mobile banking transaction. These days large enterprises are taking mobility as priority and developing applications for their employees to do most of their daily tasks using smartphones. We have understood this evolution of mobile technology and its usage and have aligned with it. We have developed skills in almost all the smartphone development environment. We have successfully implemented many mobile applications involving convergence of mobility, social media and cloud. Most of our mobile applications have Cloud integration.

Our Key Areas of Expertise:

Our development team consists of Architects and developers who have substantial competence in the following technologies

  • iOS development using Cocoa framework, SQLite database, cloud integration
  • Android framework using Eclipse, Java, MySQL, etc
  • Blackberry development using Eclipse, Java
  • PhoneGAP, Mono
  • Google ODK

We have developed following types of application

  • Native Apps with local data store
  • Apps with Cloud integration using web services
  • Apps using Video, Phone, GPS features of device
  • Apps with eCommerce
  • Google ODK based apps with customization