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We enabled emergency response system during distress using innovative ideas and leveraging smartphone features.

The violence against women and other crimes are increasing and posing ever increasing challenges to Police to tackle them and for people to quickly reach out for help. Crimes such as Rapes, Abductions, Molestations and Domestic Violence, Robberies, Bomb blasts, Accidents, etc are on the rise constantly. The options for people to respond to such emergencies is limited. Even calling emergency police number may also not be possible due to distress of the victim.

We sensed this need and started asking questions to ourselves

  1. Can we do more than just calling emergency number?
  2. Can there be better emergency response system?
  3. Is it possible to inform multiple people during emergency with minimal action?
  4. Can the technology evolution be leveraged and better response systems architected?
  5. What should be solution that will not only enable quick emergency response but also act as a deterrent for the crime?

Our quest to find answers to the above questions led to development of a mobile app, which leverages the latest developments in mobile technology, geo positioning system, etc. We developed an innovate product called MyFlare Alert which is a combination of mobile application and GPS solution. This solution is an excellent tool in the hands of the victim to seek help during the crime. It is a innovative solution for the Police to efficiently dispatch emergency help.

MyFlare Alert is a one of its kind mobile app, which on click of a button sends emails and text messages to preconfigured contacts along with the geo location of the crime. The GPS based emergency dispatch system integrates with MyFlare Alert. It automatically invokes help from Police when the crime happens by integrating with GPS (Geo Positioning System) devices installed on the Police vehicles. When crime happens and distress button is pressed, MyFlare Alert not only informs the preconfigured contacts and Police but also finds the nearest Police vehicle to the place of crime and alerts them.

Activation Menu

Activation Menu

User options

User Options

MyFlareTM is an advanced emergency response system for smartphones. The specialty of this app is that it uses every resource on the device when it really counts. It uses Phone, text, email, GPS, audio and video. Following are the salient features of the app

  • Calls Police or designated non-100 emergency contact
  • Automatically text messages and e-mails up to 10 pre-selected contacts with the customized distress message, along with the GPS location
  • Delivers text and e-mail messages every three minutes to pre-selected contacts with updated GPS location
  • Sends video recordings capturing the present environment
  • Blasts a police siren
  • Has special feature to report a specific incident with text, picture or call

MyFlareTM is a useful, relevant and potentially life-saving app that can make one feel secure and give family members permanent peace of mind.

SMS configuration
Email configuration

Email Configuration

SMS configuration

SMS Configuration

“Examples of our work. Published with permission of MyFlare Safety Services, LLC.”