Product Engineering

Today technology space is continuously and rapidly changing and forcing business to adapt and change the way the business is carried out. It is apparent that Mobile, Cloud and social systems are converging and compelling businesses to develop products that will align with this convergence and improve their business. Moreover, Robotic Process Automation, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc., are other computer science evolutions which are more or less imperative for business to adopt. Business are unable to scale and develop systems to keep up with these technology changes while keeping focus on their core competency.

Therefore, they are forced to look for capable and reliable extended teams who can understand their vision and business goals and help them develop robust systems keeping pacing with developing technologies. iPowerFour product engineering team is essentially filling this gap and has helped many business to succeed.

Our Product engineering competency covers the entire software development lifecycle ranging from conceptualization to ongoing support including architecture, development and testing. Our expertise enables us involve in the entire lifecylce of the product development or optionally involve in specific phases of lifecycle.

Time to market has become key to succeed in extremely competitive market today. Businesses have to be quick and convert ideas into working products with great deal of agility. Therefore, businesses adopt agile methodology to develop the products in short development iteration to not only see the evolving working product but also to easily accommodate changes as per market demands. iPowerFour having involved in many such projects has extensive expertise in agile methodologies and utilize proper agile tools to manage the project execution.

In our more than 10 decades of experience we have engaged with number of clients ranging from startup to fortune 500 companies to develop products. Some of the products that we have developed and currently engaged in providing complete support are

  • Online Bus Ticketing system
  • Hiring Management System
  • Credit Collection Management System
  • Tower Infra Management System
  • Spatially managed Project Management System
  • Comprehensive content management system for a publisher
  • Mobile Apps – Emergency App, Driving Hailing App, etc.