Digital Transformation

We generated higher traffic and enhanced donation review with digital strategy and ideation
A large not for profit organization in the US was able to experience higher traffic and enhanced donation revenue through a focus digital transformation initiative undertaken by iPowerFour. The client is a large global voluntary organization dedicated to blood cancer. They fund lifesaving blood cancer research around the world and provide free information and support services. They organize various awareness campaigns in various regions in different countries regularly to improve the awareness of the disease and also for fundraising for the patients and sponsorship for various events. All this was possible only if their online digital channels are enhanced and optimized to reach out to those who get benefitted and to those philanthropists who are willing to support.

The client had real challenge as far as their website is concerned and were struggling to generate traffic to the site which was directly impacting their donation revenue. We initiated a digital transformation engagement and upon analysis found the following to be their key issues which needed immediate attention.

  • Their website was primitive and traditional. It had a single channel experience where in users were able to experience only from traditional desktops. With more people using mobile devices to access online content, this limitation was a major concern.
  • The website had lot of useful and informative content but the content discovery process was not intuitive. It had only a simple search because of which users had to spend lot of time to identify the content they want or not find them at all.
  • The website had information on various diseases and very often some of these information were related. There was no proper grouping of diseases and hence related information was not presented.
  • It was important for them to have the survivors visit the website and share their experiences. This was a great motivation for the patients. However, the process of submitting the survivor story was convoluted which discouraged number of willing survivors from sharing.
  • They were very active in social media. However, their website and social media channels were operating in silos. By not integrating social media they were losing out on lot of potential traffic to the site.
  • The organization was conducting number of awareness campaigns, events, etc., in various location across US. They also had information specific to location. But since all visitors were presented same content, the content relevant for a visitor was missed out and would show up only after substantial browsing. This was resulting in reduced participations in campaigns, events, etc.
  • They had separate independent websites in English, French, Spanish, etc., with no real content sharing between them. Moreover, they would not know if a given information was published in all languages or not. These websites were hosted in different infrastructure which increased their hosting and maintenance costs as well.
  • They were using CRM for events and same events were created separately in website. This was extremely error prone and need for integration was very apparent.
  • Their content was not organized as per its relevance to their organizational hierarchy. There was no categorization of the content as well, which impacted the content discovery experience.

These key issues required business transformation, operational transformation and user experience transformation. Following are some of the key transformations we implemented.

  • One digital platform for entire organization globally with cloud deployment involving single source multiple sites with Multi-site and Multi-lingual architecture One digital platform for entire enterprise. Deployed the website on Acquia cloud with Drupal 8.0.
  • Implemented compelling UI design with latest and best practices and with responsive web for omni-channel experience
  • Implemented some innovative UI ideas such as Intuitive Image carousel with ability to curate, Splash pages that group related information together, Quadrant components for excellent use of real estate and to show multiple related content and more.
  • Intuitive search methods with search suggestions and advanced search
  • Integrated all their social media feeds grouped into a component on the home page using Stackla.
  • Content rendering based on location of users for events, information, news, etc.
  • Search Engine Optimization best practices implemented to increased traffic
  • Established mechanism to integrate all new independent campaign sites into same infrastructure
  • Included LLS content in donation portal through standardize UI accomplished through exposing content using API
  • Categorized the content as per their organization structure involving national and chapter level. Provisioned content by location after associating visitors to chapter based on their location. Authors and Reviews also categorized per national and chapter level for focused content authoring.
  • Integrated SalesForce CRM with their website to utilize the events in CRM and render in all sites.
  • Implemented self-driven survivor story submission process in the website without dependence on any convoluted processes.


Cost of hosting and ongoing maintenance & support cost drastically reduced.

Content authoring costs substantially reduced due to single authoring environment for all websites and languages.

Due to enhanced SEO strategy such as URL rewriting, higher traffic experienced on all sites.

Responsive web also contributed to increased traffic from mobile devices.

Increased participation in Campaigns and Events

Increased survivor story submissions

Increased donation revenues


Drupal 8.0 with MVC architecture enabled them to quickly change the User experience periodically without much development effort
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