Business Process Reengineering

We can accomplish substantial efficiencies through process reengineering

Business Process reengineering is an approach to redesign the way the work is done to better support organization’s mission and reduce costs. Reengineering typically starts with a high level assessment of organization’s mission, strategic goals, and customer needs. Within the framework of mission and goals, reengineering focuses on the organization’s business processes – the steps and procedures that govern how resources are used to create products and services that meet the needs of particular customers or markets. Reengineering identifies, analyzes and redesigns an organization’s core business processes with an aim of achieving dramatic improvements in critical performance measures, such as cost, quality, service and speed.

It is with this basic understanding of reengineering iPowerfour offers a comprehensive solution enabling customers to reengineer and accomplish substantial efficiencies in their operations through development of required automation, software tools, etc.

Our end-to-end Business Process Reengineering (BPR) solution enhances productivity, reduces cycle times and enables higher quality for clients. We drive these outcomes using our home grown and well tested BPR process as depicted in the diagram below

Business Process Reengineering

Our BPR offering involves redesign of core business processes to achieve improvements in productivity, cycle times and quality. This reengineering initiative could involve

  • Refocusing organizational values towards client expectations
  • Revamping critical processes using automation to enable improvements
  • Enhancing business processes across the organization