Digital Experience and Offshoring Strategy

We accomplished consistent user experience across all digital assets and established sustainable
and highly productivity content team

A leading health care provider in the US had a major challenge in keeping all their online digital assets up to date in a timely manner. This client provides the largest non-profit health plan in the United States and is renowned for the tight integration of its clinical services by closely coordinating primary, secondary, and hospital care. They provide high-quality and cost effective care for millions of their members and patients by placing strong emphasis on prevention through extensive use of care pathways and electronic medical records. They achieve such tight integration and strong results by cooperating with number of entities that share common vision.

To maintain their position as largest health plan providing quality health care imposes big responsibility on them to ensure that accurate information is presented in all their communication channel and more so in digital medium such as their websites. Especially the formulary and coverage information which members are expected to review before enrolling with the plan. In addition they have large number of online websites where the key information about their products and services is disseminated which has to be presented in a consistent manner.

As can be seen the client’s main problem was to manage the various information in their online channels in an efficient, cost effective and highly productive manner. Their specific challenges were

  1. Their in-house resources were involved in content updates on the online channels. These resources were involved in other key responsibilities and hence didn’t have much bandwidth to manage the content.
  2. During the year end enrollments new formulary and coverage information were developed and had to be updated in various online sites. Usually this information was finalized just before the enrollments start and hence the internal resources were hard pressed for time to manage large volumes of update in short time with desired accuracy.
  3. They had number of websites which were developed using different technologies with different tools to update the content. Therefore, resources had difficulty adapting to different tools to update the websites which was a major challenge.
  4. Their websites did not have consistent user interfaces, user experiences, etc. For a large company of their size it was imperative that a uniform user experience is established for members to develop confidence in the information being shared.
  5. Since they laid strong emphasis on prevention, it was important for them to have all the care pathways updated in a timely fashion with accurate information. With the limited in house resources they were finding it difficult to manage.

iPowerFour engaged with the client and initiated Business Process Reengineering project followed by a digital transformation initiative. Following was the outcome of the initiative we undertook

  1. HP Teamsite was identified as content management system through which all the content update requests were initiated and tracked to closure. Using HP Teamsite a systematic approach to content dissemination was established and high visibility on productivity and efficiency was accomplished. Remedy was established as service management ticketing system.
  2. Since they had round the year updates to information with peak load before enrolments, we recommended setting up an offshore team with proper data security and information confidentiality issues addressed. An offshore team was setup with required skills that not focused content updates but also had skills in ADA compliance, CAPA, etc. This arrangement freed up the time of their internal resources and also created a 24 X 7 window as the offshoring was in opposite time zone. This arrangement also enabled their internal resources to focus on more value adding activities
  3. Established number of metrics to assess the productivity, redesigned reporting processes and templates for accuracy and clarity of insights. Developed systems/process, after offshoring reached steady state, to intelligently scale the resources as and when required and especially to manage peak window. For a client who had not tasted the benefits of offshoring, iPowerFour strategy and delivery capability helped them realize the bandwidth it created for them and enabled them to experience quick turnaround times with excellent quality.
  4. A quality check system was established through which every content that gets updated in an online site is checked for factual correctness, typo errors, formatting issues, PDF issues, etc. The peer to peer check process helped us bring down quality issues drastically.
  5. Through digital transformation engagement we established an operational styleguide which promoted consistent user interfaces, user experiences, etc., across the organization. We implemented a AngularJS based styleguide system where different teams in the organization can get the required CSS, JavaScript, HTML snippets, etc for website, which brought about overall consistency.
  6. Client had decided to use Adobe Experience Manager as the CMS across the organization replacing Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, etc. During this migration we mobilized resources with skills in all the CMS including Adobe experience manager to ensure the information was up to date and migration also happened smoothly.


In-house team time was freed up and bandwidth created up to


Overall cost of production reduced by


Quality of data on all the digital platform increased substantially

Overall cost of production reduced by


With actionable and predictive insights escalations on technical issues minimized


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Content Management System:
Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)TeamsiteWordPress
ADA compliance
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