Custom Business Analytics

We can build predictive and prescriptive insights through custom analytics

Off-the-shelf BI & analytics tools don’t fit every use case. Most business cases need customized applications with embedded BI and data visualization components. This is important as it enables those utilizing the tools, to decide how they want to consume the information, with the tools built specifically to those requirements. We help you quickly build predictive and prescriptive insights by building or customizing solutions best suited to your business needs.

At iPowerFour, we facilitate business outcomes for customers by helping them answer key questions and build customized solutions best suited for their business needs which provide them predictive and prescriptive insights. For one of our customer who is a large global insurance company, we developed a KPA/KPI visualization system for their CXOs. This involved aggregating data from different departments using varied technologies into a central repository using ETL techniques. Data analytics was performed on the aggregated data to present information related to KPA/KPI in an intuitive user interface with compelling user experience.

Custom Business Analytics

Our solution includes

Reporting & Dashboarding

Visualization, Dashboards, Balanced Scorecards, Charts and Deep Dives.

Custom Analytics

Analytics – Implement Packaged Analytics or Custom Built Analytics


Extraction, Transformation and Loading of Data, Data Preparation and Cleansing