Custom Business Analytics

We enhanced operational efficiencies for CXOs using innovative data aggregation and custom business analytics
A large Financial/Insurance company had a challenge of exposing KPA and KPI metrics for their CXO in a central system which would help them in business reviews and performance monitoring. Every department in the company had their own systems which had the data. The staff of respective department had to spend large of time to collate all the information and come up with the metrics to present. Moreover, there was a need for a common person to consolidate the metrics across department and prepare a pitch with the information which was then used in the review meetings.

We initiated a business transformation initiative followed by building data aggregation and custom analytics. A need was identified to develop dashboards that present enterprise with operational and performance metrics used for periodic business performance review. The departments covered various business functions such Audit, Admin, Communications, Consumer, Finance, Investment, IT, HR, Operations, etc.

Following approach was followed to come up with the transformation strategy

  • Analyzed the data from each department along with the KPA and KPI required for performance review
  • For every KPI looked at the data source and its availability
  • Since the data sources of different kind involving databases, excel files, enterprise API, etc., we developed custom ETL programs to transform the data to the required format
  • Developed custom analytics from the common data source to present the KPI metrics
  • Designed and developed compelling user experience using using interactive and animated charts, graphs and various other rich elements.

Latest technologies such as HTML5, D3, AngularJS were used to make the interface rich and responsive.

Key Features implemented were

  • Rich Internet Web Application
  • Front-end and Back-end Partitioned
  • RESTful Web services with JSON output
  • Thick Client, MV based Single Page Application
  • Single Sign-on making access to dashboards easy for CXOs
  • Intuitive interface having KPI strips, Metric Tabs and Domain sections with
  • Rich graphs.
  • Business data organized in groups and sub groups with creative easy drilled down or roll up.
  • Graphs showing trends over time periods, comparisons and distributions across peer areas.
  • Many types of graphs such as Pie charts, Line graphs, Bar charts, Stacked Bar charts, Tables, Geo Maps with Locations, Scatter plots, etc implemented using D3.JS
  • Graphs have options to Select, Filter, Segregate, Search, Combine, Split, Roll up and Drill down
  • ETL to transform the business data in various formats
  • Migration from Tomcat/MySQL to IBM WebSphere/Oracle
  • About 40+ Dashboards for various OPCOs developed and delivered successfully
  • Test automation using Protractor