About Us

iPowerFour engages with organizations around the world and facilitates favorable business outcomes for them through cutting edge technology solutions, services and products. We work on technology driven transformation initiatives that impact revenues, cost savings, efficiencies, innovation at the overall organization level and also address more specific challenges related to processes, operations, user experience, data, analytics, automation, product development and others.

We understand client requirements / goals and address them by implementing the right solution(s) from our offerings such as digital transformation, custom business analytics, business process re-engineering, robotic process automation, APM and synthetic monitoring, data transformation. These solutions are driven by appropriate services and products, where applicable. Maintaining customer data security is as important to us as meeting/ exceeding the SLAs of the engagement.

We work with our customers as their offshore technology partner and bring our global project experience to the table along with leveraging the cost advantages of our location. We have a dedicated, motivated and highly proficient technology team backed by a very customer-centric management. We are based in India and have a presence in the US and can work on a blended onshore-offshore model if the project requirements warrant it.

About US