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As in all business, usage of mobile devices is increasing by the day in the lobbying and congressional activities. Lobbyists and Congressman are so busy that they want lot of information and latest information on their mobile devices. LI Mobile was developed to fulfill this need of the Lobbyists and Congressmen.

LI Mobile is a native app developed for both iPhone and Android platforms. This app will enable its users to quickly search and view the details of the Lobbyists, Congressman and Staffers in the US. It provides profiles of each of these entities and also provides information on the organizations and committees they belong to. This app will be updated once a month with latest information on lobbying and congressional activities.

The app also renders Ads specific in some of the screens. These Ads will enable the owner of the app to sell his services through the app. These Ads are controlled and provisioned from a centralized server. The app picks up the Ad using Web Services. The app is developed for Books & Information Services company based in Maryland, USA

Key features in this enterprise app are