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Development Process

We typically follow agile software development methodology with continuous integration using process workbench. However, we are flexible and will be able to adapt to any process as per client preference.

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Key Points of our development methodology

Following diagram outlines our agile development methodology at a high level. As you can see the entire project is split into iterations or referred to as sprints. Each sprint will be typically of 6 to 8 weeks duration. At the end of the iteration tangible working software is provided to the client. Client can assess the progress and also get a confidence that the project is progressing in right direction.

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We recommend agile development because of following advantages.

  1. Our highest priority is to deliver software early in the cycle in an iterative manner and on continuous basis. This allows the product owners to see progress, mitigate risks and change course if not progressing in right direction. Essentially, Project priorities are re-evaluated on a continuing basis in cycles of a week, a month or longer
  2. Accommodate changing requirements. Agile processes inherently allows managing changes and include in iterative deliverables
  3. Define sprints with set of stories such that working software can be delivered frequently ranging from couple weeks to month or two.
  4. Business people and developers work together daily throughout the project. This will help in resolving business unknowns, feature specification issues, business rules, etc in a quick and efficient manner.
  5. Working software will be the primary measure of progress. Therefore, issues related to deliverables can be identified early in the project.
  6. We will use combination of SCRUM and extreme programming
  7. There will be continuous attention to technical excellence and good design. Enables testing of the product in components
  8. Face-to-face daily standup meeting among development team with onsite team on phone will help convey information effectively