Microsoft UI Automation Framework development in India

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Offshore Outsourcing

This engagement model is ideal for projects that involve custom application development, Software Reengineering, new development for automating a business process or migration. Depending on the type of project we will engage with the client from the analysis phase, define the architecture and process and then transition the work to be done at offsite.

The following diagram provides an overview of the team composition in this model

Offshore software development outsourcing in India

Typically the clients opting for this model already have the analysis completed and have list of requirements. In such cases we send senior technical person onsite to deliberate with the client to get good understanding of the requirements, external interfaces, deployment environment, technology stack, etc. The technical person will also develop the detail specification and return offsite to setup required project specific resources. This model works very well for short engagements of one or two projects.

Engagement Process Steps
 Activities performed Onsite (clients)
 Activities performed Offshore