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eAbhyasa is now SuccessLynk

Posted on 19 Mar , 2018

eAbhyasa, the only market place for online test has now got a new name SuccessLynk (www.successlynk.com).

Today to get into a good college or join a profession course or to pursue a specific career one has to go through and clear competitive exams. These exams have become highly competitive and tough to clear. The only formula for success is relentless practise in a real test like environment with same level of difficulty as final test. It is a challenge for the career aspirants today to find a good cost effective platform that not only provides large number of quality tests to practise but also provide a good feedback system that will enable them to assess their strengths, focus on weaknesses, learn to manage time properly, benchmark themselves against others, etc. Therefore, they are forced to spend lot of money with training institutes to get access to accomplished tutors, subject experts and good practise tests. SuccessLynk is setup to address this issue and provide an excellent platform to career aspirants to extensively practise.